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July 2017


The Blonde Nomads: soon to hit the road

The Blonde Nomads: soon to hit the road

Hands-on learning for the kids

Blonde Nomads quitting suburbia for adventures
on the open road

By Dennis Amor
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MOVE over all you grey nomads ... the young blondies will soon be hitting the highways and byways of Australia!

Rob and Tracy Morris are busy packing up their home to join the increasing number of young families enjoying the freedom of the open road.

Dubbing themselves The Blonde Nomads, the couple and their children Marli (4) and Ziggy (2) will explore the country in a custom-built 22ft Jayco caravan.

The Morrises said their main goal was to unplug from modern technology as much as possible, provide a hands-on learning environment for their children and inspire other families to travel.

"We wanted to break away from the hustle and bustle of suburban life so decided it was time to hit the road again," they told Caravanning News.

The Blonde NomadsThe couple said they loved the great outdoors and never tired of travelling.

"So why not combine the two? Living is a thing you do now or never. Our kids are growing so fast we want to enjoy them and believe that creating memories together like this is the most important thing."

They plan to travel for at least a year, but quickly add: "We will see where the winds takes us after that."

The couple said they were not concerned with distance.

"This adventure is a lifestyle change and all about exploring and creating amazing memories," they explained.

They were particularly looking forward to their freedom and watching Marli and Ziggy enjoying themselves in nature.

"Swimming in the ocean daily, being sandy and sun-kissed, having campfires, fishing and generally slowing ourselves down to enjoy the simple things," they said.

The Morrises developed a love for the great outdoors during childhood camping holidays with their families.

As a couple in 2007, they travelled around Australia together in a campervan and that is where the name The Blonde Nomads originated from.

"So now, 10 years after our first Blonde Nomads adventure, we are hitting the road again as a family to explore with our mini-blondies in tow!

"We can't wait ... bring on October."

To find out more about the Morris family and its planned travels, click here


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