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Caravanning News readership up
to 32,000 monthly (AW Statistics)

GREY nomads, adventure-seeking baby boomers and young families are the driving force behind the increasing interest in caravanning.

In fact, figures show that the caravan and camping industry is the fastest growing domestic tourism sector in Australia, with more than half a million caravan and campervan registrations.

It is estimated there are between 70,000 and 80,000 caravanners travelliing on extended journeys around Australia at any given time.

Caravanning manufacturing has doubled in the past decade and the industry predicts around 100,000 RVs will roll off production lines over the next few years.

Nationally, the sector is worth billions of dollars annually, with grey nomads comprising up to 70 percent of the tourism market in some Queensland local government areas.

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