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July 2015

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JULY 31: Huon Valley Counci in Tasmania calling for submissions on plans for new by-law controlling caravans on land, excluding caravan parks, within its area.

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Number plates - the height of frustration

AFTER reading your article on number plates being too high (see story here), I happened to look at a photo of the rear of my caravan.

This prompted me to go outside with a torch to check it, and sure enough my number plate is 1.4 metres off the ground.

We had the caravan custom built by Millard in 2011, the rules have been in place since 1989.

If they cannot get the number plate right it has to make you wonder what else in the caravan does not meet the regulations.

Now to add to the frustration, this caravan was serviced twice in our first year of ownership and every year afterwards by reputable caravan service people.

These people reputedly checked the tail lights and number plate lights but never mentioned the number plate height.

But the tale doesn’t end here.

I live in Victoria so my dealer went online and registered my caravan, they did not have to present it to VicRoads.

Normally VicRoads would inspect the caravan to ensure it complied with the relevant rules and regulations, but they didn't.

I would imagine VicRoads expected that the dealer would ensure the caravan met all the relevant rules and regulations, but they didn’t.

I assumed the dealer was doing the right thing, and at the end of the day the onus is on me the owner.

I guess I will have to go read through all the rules and regulations.

Maybe I will just ring my solicitor.

The Taylor Family.

Best be sure

WE have a Windsor Genesis caravan and the number plate is 1300mm to the bottom of it, which makes it too high.

I will move it myself, although I am unsure whether it needs to be because the 'van was built in 2008.

The law appears to have been introduced in 2009, but better to be sure than have less in the bank.

I am wondering if dirt road suspension and 4WD tyres makes the difference, but as they were part of the original order the manufacturer should have made allowances anyway.

Steve Dann.

What to do?

WE own an 18-month-old Van Cruiser Graceland fully off-road caravan and have measured the plate.

It is 1.5m off the ground.

What should Van Cruiser do and what should we be doing? Consulting a lawyer?

The industry should be making these thing right for the customer.

Ted & Michele Fleming.

Time for review

PERHAPS we should all move with the times.

With the advent of off-road caravans, which are generally higher, I see few that would meet 1.3 metres.

Maybe the regulators, caravan manufacturers and police should sit down and review.

Move with the times ... the days of walking in front of a car with a light are long gone.

So is the 1.3 metre rule.

Try 1.6 metres for a start, or is it all about revenue?

The Fox.


MAYBE you should have been more specific in your drawbar warning story (see story here).

All the major brand imports such as Bailey, Swift and Adria comply with all Australian standards, with Bailey top of the list.

This is why I bought one recently.

It has ESC built in ... not an expensive option as with most Australian caravans.

The problem are grey imports imported by individuals and importers, which do not meet Australian standards.

Often they do not have Australian-based equipment brands.

They sometimes do not meet gas, electrical, suspension and braking standards.

But, you should not generalise so that all imported or lower-weight 'vans are tarred with the same brush.

That's irresponsible.

Ian Dalton.




Mayor hurries back to outback mining city


Three die in caravan blaze

By Dennis Amor

THE blackened chassis of the caravan in which a father and his two young children died was today removed from the Mount Isa home where it blew apart in a massive explosion. Meanwhile, investigations were continuing into the Queensland tragedy. The remains of the 39-year-old man, boy aged four and girl aged seven were recovered after the deadly blast on a property in the suburb of Mornington. They were believed to have been sleeping in the caravan. Neighbours who fled the scene told of hearing loud explosions which shook nearby houses before the caravan erupted in flames. Pieces of the caravan were found up to 60 metres away. ABC said the blast was caused by two gas bottles. Police declared an exclusion zone as Scientific and Scenes of Crimes officers investigated. Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady, who abandoned a planning conference in Brisbane to hurry back to the outback mining city, described the tragedy as "a terrible, terrible time for Mount Isa". Meanwhile, a counselling and support centre was set up at the city's Civic Centre for locals affected by tragedy. Police would not comment on some newspaper reports that it could have been a murder-suicide. The man's wife was believed to have been sleeping in the couple's house which was badly damaged by the force of the blast. Have your say

Jurgens logoPossible hazard when refuelling


THE ACCC has issued an urgent recall of some Jurgens caravans after fears faulty fridges could cause an explosion. It appears fridge gas burners could attempt to ignite when the tow vehicle's ignition is switched off. "If there is any risk of being exposed to combustible vapours such as refuelling at a fuel station, ensure that the fridge is turned off," the ACCC stressed. The recall affects J-series caravans and PT-series pop-tops. Caravans with chassis numbers from C1400038 to C1501451 and pop-tops with chassis numbers from P1400146 to P1501191 could have the fault. Owners are urged to contact their nearest Jurgens dealership or service centre as soon as possible. "If you are no longer the owner of an affected caravan, please notify Jurgens Australia by calling 03 5943 7700," the ACCC said. Have your say

Vandalism 'just not acceptable'

Mayor apologises after graffiti attack

By Dennis Amor
Have your say

Diggers Headland Reserve

Diggers Headland Reserve

VILLAGERS have waged a graffiti war on caravanners and other travellers camping with their dogs at a beachfront hideaway in northern NSW.

Now the local Clarence Valley Council is offering a reward of up to $2000 in a bid to catch the vandals who have been spray painting visitors' caravans and cars at Brooms Head.

And it has warned that if the culprits are caught they will face the full force of the law.

"Vandalism of any description is just not acceptable," local mayor Richie Williamson, himself a dog owner, told Caravanning News.

"This outbreak is not widespread but the council will take every opportunity it has to catch the perpetrators and prosecute them. I am sure the community would want that."

He apologised to travellers, adding: "All RVs and caravanners are welcome here."

One tourist travelling with his pet had to have a new windscreen fitted after it dissolved when a protester used an acid-based adhesive to attach a note reading 'no dogs' on his vehicle.

The vandalism came after the local council wrote to villagers informing them it would allow travellers with dogs to use Diggers Headland Reserve Camping Ground, situated on Crown land.

Council works and civil director Troy Anderson said tourist caravans and vehicles had been defaced by people who might be under the wrong assumption that dogs were still banned from the camping ground.

"If they disagree with the trial they can write to us with their reasons and we will consider them, but they can't take matters into their own hands.

"People come to Brooms Head for a relaxing holiday. They should not expect to be harangued if
they are doing nothing wrong."  More button

It's too hard to make a dollar, says boss


By Dennis Amor

QUEENSLAND-based and family-owned Southern Cross Caravans will cease trading at the end of this month. "It's all too hard to make a dollar," the 70-year-old owner, Barry Beattie, told Caravanning News. "It's time to put my feet up." The company manufactures a range of prestigious fifth wheelers and caravans at its factory south of Brisbane. But Mr Beattie said times were now tough in a market where cheaper imports and mass produced caravans dominated. "The business has been on the market for two-and-a-half years but people don't want to buy something that's not making a profit," Mr Beattie explained. He agreed many people would be sad to see Southern Cross close. "But our product is so good it costs more to build and unfortunately people look at the dollar value," he said. "Things are getting dearer and dearer. And with the change in the dollar, the global finance crisis and people pulling all their money out of investments to put in safe banks, they are getting no money back and can't afford to buy an expensive RV." Mr Beattie now plans to have an overseas holiday before hitching up one of his fifth wheelers and travelling around Australia with wife Lorraine, 69. Have your say

Traveller blindfolded and tied up in NSW


A TRAVELLER suffered cuts to his arms, hands and head after knife-wielding bogus cops attempted to rob him in NSW. The terrified 53-year-old man was attacked when the men forced their way into his campervan parked in the Shellbarbour suburb of Barrack Heights. The men were said to have identified themselves as police officers and produced what appeared to be police badges. But when the victim asked for additional identification they forcibly put tape over his eyes and around his arms and legs. They demanded money but fled empty handed when a relative of the man approached the RV. Have your say

Caravan rollover

  Emergency services urge extra care

Two grey nomads injured
in NT caravan rollover

TWO grey nomads from SA, aged 64 and 59, were injured when a 4WD and caravan flipped in the Northern Territory. They were taken to Royal Darwin Hospital by ambulance when their Hilux 4WD and Swift Challenger caravan rolled on the Stuart Highway at Howard Springs. Their injuries were not believed to be serious. Police, ambulance and fire crews attended. An Emergency Services spokesman told Caravanning News they were now dealing with at least one caravan accident a week in the Territory and urged travellers to take extra care.  Have your say

Barry BrowningPolice appeal for help


NEWSFLASH: Mr Browning found at Hickey Island by SES personnel. Taken to hospital suffering from mild hypothermia.

POLICE have appealed for help in tracing a 73-year-old man missing from a NSW caravan park. Barry Browning vanished after leaving the park in Harbour Street, Yamba, to go for a walk on Friday afternoon. Police and SES volunteers have already carried out an extensive search of nearby bushland, beaches and water. "Police hold serious concerns for the welfare of Mr Browning as he suffers from a medical condition and cold weather is anticipated throughout the morning," a police spokesperson said. Mr Browning was last seen heading towards a break wall. He is described as being of Caucasian appearance, 180 to 185cm tall, with a medium build, greying hair and a moustache. He was wearing a maroon skiing jacket, blue jeans and glasses. Police have urge anyone with information, or knows his whereabouts, to come forward. A further search was being conducted this morning. Have your say

Caravan heading into sunsetCaravan production continues to rise
AUSTRALIA'S caravan industry is predicting another record year of production.
The forecast comes as recently released statistics for April revealed a 3.2 percent increase in production compared with the corresponding month last year. It was the fourth consecutive monthly increase this year, indicating Australians' appetite for caravanning and camping is supporting local manufacturing. Yearly production so far was 10.3 percent higher compared to 2014 figures. Caravan Industry Association of Australia is now estimating another record year of production. More button

Police warning on caravan park crooks
CROOKS are targeting caravan parks in far north Queensland as grey nomads flood in for the winter sunshine.
Now Cairns police are asking park owners to provide security advice to travellers urging them to secure valuables, record serial numbers of personal property and lock their vehicles and accommodation. "Unfortunately, police have seen a recent rise in burglary and property theft offences in several local caravan parks and holiday units," a police spokesperson said. "Opportunistic thieves are particularly targeting unlocked cars, campervans and holiday units. In most cases the victims are inside sleeping when thieves have quickly and quietly gained entry to steal cash, mobile phones and personal electronic equipment." Have your say

Scrappy: shot while owner visiting caravan parkCops hunt dog shooter
POLICE are investigating after a dog was shot while its owner was visiting a caravan park in South Australia. Scrappy, a Tenterfield Terrier/Border Collie cross (pictured), went for a stroll but was unable to use his right back leg when he returned to his owner at Avoca Dell Caravan Park near Murray Bridge. A vet later found an air rifle slug embedded in the leg, but said Scrappy would make a full recovery. Police have appealed to anyone with information to come forward. Have your say

Bats move in, caravanners move out
BATS are creating mayhem in a NSW town and driving caravanners away.
Travellers are reportedly quitting caravan parks after the flying mammals moved into Muswellbrook. Numbers have tripled since colonies took up residence on the town's Hunter River. "People just don't want to be around them, they stink and they screech all day," the caretaker of one caravan park explained. A local campdraft has also been cancelled due to the risk bats pose to equine health. Have your say

Colorado towing Jayco through water

'Bloody caravanners' ad not offensive
THE Advertising Standards Board has rejected claims that a Holden advertisement featuring one caravanner abusing another is offensive.
The 30-second television ad shows one caravanner in a brand new 4WD Colorado 7, towing an equally flash Jayco Silverline RV, shaking his outstretched hand and muttering "bloody caravanners" as he comes up behind an older and slower caravan ‒ a sentiment echoed by his young son sitting in the rear of the 4WD. The advertising watchdog revealed it was among the most complained about ads so far this year, attracting 161 protests from enraged viewers. But despite this, it ruled the use of the word bloody in the ad was not aggressive but "light-hearted and ironic considering the man is towing a caravan himself". It dismissed the case. More button

Bogus emails warning
HACKERS are targeting computers in Queensland's caravan industry.
Now an urgent warning has been issued to people not to open 'zip' files in emails without first checking with the company from which they are alleged to have been sent. Family Parks and Caravanning Queensland are among organisations to have already been stung by the bogus emails, forcing a clean-up their computers. But not before virus-infected files had been sent simultaneously to email addresses stored on their computers. Affected emails from Family Parks carried the words Urgent Taxation alert in its subject line and a file called 'tax-zip' in its body. The one sent to Family Parks contained '' in its body. Have your say

Another five parks join Kui network
KUI Parks has added another five caravan parks to its nationwide network.
"What has been particularly exciting is the fact that many of them have been recommended by our travelling nomads," founder Bert van Spronsen said. Kui Parks now has 47 caravan parks under its wing. The latest additions, all in Queensland, are Chinchilla Tourist Park, Barambah Bush Caravan Park, Crows Nest Caravan Park near Toowoomba, Three Rivers Tourist Park in Mundubbera and Sapphire Caravan Park in the Gemfields. Have your say

New Roadstar headquartersNew corporate home for Roadstar
THE former Galaxy Caravans factory in Victoria, which stood idle after the company went belly up last year, has been given a new lease of life.
New owner Roadstar has redesigned the building and transformed it into its new and modern corporate home. Boss Ken Nizam, who bought the factory in February, told Caravanning News he was "proud" of what had been achieved at the premises in Cooper Street, Somerton. "They have been renovated from ground up and make the true home of Roadstar a comfortable place for our valued visitors to visit and tour," he said. More button

New business model for caravan group
THE Caravan & RV Leisure Centre group in NSW has reviewed its business model and strategic plan, it has been revealed.
This follows their new accountants' advice which has led to one of their companies going into liquidation. Michael Hart, of chartered accountants W Walker and Company, told Caravanning News the shake-up was the result of a recent change of dealer agreement and consolidation of the business to include a full service repair division in the one company. "All existing contracts with customers and supplier dealings under the prior structure will be honoured in full," he said. "Caravan & RV Leisure look forward to continuing to provide an exceptional level of service under their new business model." The company has been operating on the state's Central Coast for 12 years and is agents for Adria and New Age caravans, Have your say

Cooroy town signTown's traders welcome RV Stop plan
BUSINESSES in a small Queensland town have welcomed plans to set up an overnight camping area for caravanners and other travellers.
Noosa Shire Council has agreed to trial the caretaker-controlled, maximum four-night RV stop in Mary River Road near the heart of Cooroy. It hopes the facility, which will include a dump point, will encourage the growing RV market to stop awhile. And local shops told Caravanning News they couldn't be happier. It will accommodate up to 40 recreational vehicles and, according to local councillor Sandy Bolton, provide an opportunity to boost the local economy. The council last year resolved to amend the town plan to better cater for "grey nomad" tourists. More button

MSA to focus on RV builders' training
THE national body responsible for addressing the skill needs of Australia's caravan builders will pay special attention to the industry this year.
Manufacturing Skills Australia plans set up a targeted project group with industry representatives to look at training take-up and how electrical licensing regimes can be more effectively managed. The body is responsible for developing and updating of qualifications for workers who build, service and repair recreational vehicles. Eight qualifications cover recreational vehicles in its training package, ranging from Certificate II to Diploma level. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia said it would continue working closely with MSA to ensure training was relevant to the industry. Have your say

Jurgens' TuffTRAX

Prototype put through its paces

New off-roader 'torture tested'

JURGENS recently released news of its latest off-road offering ... but not before the caravan builder had "torture tested" a prototype model on some of the toughest tracks in outback Australia. Research and development director Eddie Wills told Caravanning News the company had used "an expert crew" to tackle some very harsh, remote country to ensure the TuffTRAX could stand up to the punishment. "Over nine days we covered the maximum kilometres possible with high payloads and high legal speeds," he explained. "We pushed the chassis, suspension, brakes and overall construction hard and used the same cutting edge data tracking used in V8 super cars to measure the g-forces of every bump and corner on the entire journey." More button

Port Hedland throws down the welcome mat
PORT Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia has thrown down the welcome mat to caravanners.
The council has opened up the racecourse for free camping to assist road-based travellers looking for short-stay accommodation for a night or two. "Our free camping ground is pet-friendly and has a new grey water dump point," the local Visitor Centre explained. The new facility is located 500m from the local shopping centre. But the Caravan Industry Association of WA has questioned the wisdom of offering free camping while caravan parks were as little as one-third full. It claims the council is acting against the interests of its community. Have your say

JaycoJayco recall over spare wheel risk
JAYCO has recalled nearly 300 caravans after fears their spare wheel could come adrift and cause accidents.
Australia's biggest manufacturer of recreational vehicles has appealed to owners to contact their dealer or service agent as soon as possible. "If the spare wheel retainer bracket separates from the bumper bar, there is a risk of the spare wheel and bracket falling off the back of the 'van, posing an accident hazard," Jayco said. For the full list of affected caravans, click on the More button. More button

Campgrounds ideal for winter escapes: Minister
A New South Wales government minister is urging holidaymakers to take advantage of winter to enjoy the state's campgrounds.
Trade, Tourism and Major Events Minister Stuart Ayres said the season was an ideal time to camp in many areas. "Travellers can expect sunny days in outback NSW, warm ocean temperatures along the Pacific Coast ... and many campsites across the state provide firewood so visitors can enjoy their own campfire," she explained. Destination NSW chief executive Sandra Chipchase said the state's diverse landscape, 2000kms-plus of coastline and dramatic deserts make it one of Australia's best winter camping destinations. "From glamping tents and luxury beach cabins, to riverfront caravan sites and outback campsites, there is something suit all tastes, styles and budgets," she added. Have your say

Out-of-work miners hit RV trail
JOBLESS mineworkers and their families are snapping up RVs and taking to the road in bid to find work, according to a Queensland caravan dealer.
Caravan Mart at Townsville reports bumper sales of caravans and campervans as retrenched workers search for jobs while touring Australia at the same time. Managers Bob and Kaye Black also attribute rising RV sales to overseas terrorism which has led to more Aussies holidaying in their own backyard. Have your say

Harding Dam in Western AustraliaIllegal campers put drinking water at risk
ILLEGAL campers at Pilbara's Harding Dam in WA are putting the region's drinking water at risk.
The state's Water Corporation is now warning the errant travellers they face $5000 fines after claims they are contaminating the water with human waste. And the problem is worsening as more people ignore no-camping signs to overnight in the recreational area which offers barbecues, toilets, gazebos and a lawn area. North West regional manager Rino Trolio told the ABC that illegal activity was on the rise. "This has caused an increase in the amount of rubbish and human waste within our source protection area," he said. The corporation warned it would increase surveillance at the dam. Have your say

Daly River in NT

Traveller nabbed by police

Nomads warned of fish limits

GREY nomads have been reminded of the Northern Territory's strict fishing rules. It comes after police issued a 68-year-old traveller from NSW with a notice to appear after he was caught with six barramundi on the Daly River, double the three-fish bag limit. The man was staying at the Woollianna Caravan Park, which is close to some of the best barramundi hot spots in the Northern Territory. Senior Constable Sean Stanley, of the Water Police Section, said tourists were "encouraged to enjoy our excellent fishery", but stressed all visitors must comply with bag limits in waterways across the Territory. The NT Fishing Mate app, which provides detailed information about the new general possession limits and fish protection areas, is now available for download on all mobile devices and tablets. "Water Police will continue to adopt a zero-tolerance policy in relation to marine and fisheries offences," Sen-Constable Stanley warned. Have your say

Couple accused of faking RV theft
A VICTORIAN couple alleged to have faked the theft of their RV to claim insurance will appear in Wodonga court in August.
The man and his 43-year-old wife were charged after they reported their $20,000 camper trailer as being stolen after it failed to sell. They are accused of attempting to obtain money by deception and making a false report to police. Have your say

caravan and camping researchGrey nomads not media hype ... they're real
AGE plays an important part in determining whether travellers choose camping over caravans or campervans, according to a new study.
And Roy Morgan Research says that families are happy campers and grey nomads are for real. Without exception, Australians aged under 50 are more likely than their older counterparts to have stayed in a tent on their last holiday, the research concluded. People in the 50-plus bracket are more likely to have stayed in a caravan/campervan. Grey nomads are not just the product of media hype, they’re real, the researchers said. More button

Cops cleared after caravan park capsicum spraying
A MAN who was sprayed with capsicum by police at a Victorian caravan park has lost his claim for damages.
Bryan Biddle, 63, accused the three officers of assault and false imprisonment. But Supreme Court Justice Stephen Kaye threw out his case and ordered him to pay the legal costs which could be as high as $100,000. Mr Biddle claimed he was needlessly sprayed at the Honeysuckle Caravan Park at Violet Town, which was owned and operated by his wife Dorothy. Police had been called to the park after claims from another woman, with whom he had had a previous relationship, that she believed he was outside her home and in breach of an intervention order. Justice Kaye ruled the police officers had not used unnecessary and disproportionate force when arresting Mr Biddle. Have your say

Mr Healey (right) with Sydney RV Group general manager Norman Roe

Mr Healey (right) with Sydney RV Group general manager Norman Roe

Fifth time lucky for show visitor

Robert 'stoked' at Passport win

SEASONED caravanner Robert Healey is now the proud owner of two caravans after coming up trumps at a major show. The lucky Sydneysider took home a New Age Glider caravan and Australia Wide full annex after winning the major Passport prize at this year’s NSW Caravan Camping and Holiday Supershow. "I currently have a 30 foot 'van that I tow with a LandCruiser so I am stoked to have this new one too," he said. The $60,990 prize proved to be a case of fifth time lucky for Robert, who has visited the show regularly for the last five years. Mr Healey, who took the day off from his job at Bankstown Coaches to collect his prize from Sydney RV Centre in Penrith, has owned a caravan for the past two years. He has already been on an 11-month caravanning trip around Australia. More button

Bells Caravan ParkBells rings in the changes
BELLS Caravan Park, one of five parks run by Moreton Bay Regional Council north of Brisbane, is undergoing a transformation.
Security has been upgraded and 10 new hardstanding sites added to the three-star park at Clontarf on the Redcliffe peninsula. A new security fence has also been erected around the entire park, which has been the target of petty thieves. Guests now have to pass through a security-coded boom gate to enter the park opposite Bells Beach. Have your say

Call for waterside warning signs
WATERSIDE caravan parks and camping grounds are being encouraged to erect warning signs to help prevent drownings.
The call comes from The Royal Life Saving Society after a father-of-two drowned while trying to rescue his children from the swollen Shoalwater River at Coolendel in NSW earlier this year. His family was on its first camping holiday at the Coolendel riverside campground, 30km west of Nowra. His widow, who is expected to give evidence at an inquest in September, believes the tragedy could have been avoided had there been warning signs at the river. Have your say


Rare dune grasses a threat to new park plan
PLANS for a new multi-million dollar caravan park at the small fishing town of Lancelin in WA have hit troubled waters. This is despite the state government's Caravan and Camping Action Plan highlighting the tourist destination as an "extreme priority" for a new caravan and tourist park in the town, about 100km north of Perth. Problems arose after worried locals protested that the oceanside development could threaten sand dunes supporting a "threatened ecological community" of grasslands with national heritage significance. More button

Stolen caravan in 120km police chase drama
A COURT has heard how a stolen caravan was chased at high speed by police for more than 120km.
The pursuit along the Hume Highway ended with the caravan jackknifing at the Broadford exit in Victoria and the learner driver being arrested. The 20-year-old man appeared in Ringwood Magistrates Court and admitted five charges including dangerous driving, speeding and refusing to stop for police. His learners' permit was cancelled for 15 months and he was ordered to serve 100 hours of unpaid community work. The caravan was stolen from near Ballarat before being towed to Sydney. The drama happened on the return journey. The court was told the man had suffered "flashbacks and nightmares" about the night and realised it could have ended in death. Have your say

Information sheets in Mandarin

BIG4 on a roll with Chinese

AUSTRALIA is becoming the hotspot for Chinese tourists ... and the BIG4 chain of caravan parks is jumping on the bandwagon. It has already launched a new Chinese-language website (pictured right) and says tourists from China now account for the second biggest market behind local guests. To meet the demand, managers at its 180-plus caravan parks are being provided with information sheets in Mandarin to help them welcome the cashed-up tourists from the communist nation. Holidaymakers from China accounted for more than half the chain's international bookings. Meanwhile, Tourism Australia said recent forecasts indicated the Chinese market could be worth up to $13 billion to the Australian economy. And with a weaker Australian dollar, the signs are that the number of Chinese tourists heading Down Under will continue to grow, with many opting to tour in recreational vehicles. Have your say

Wildflower safariBloomin' spectacular safari planned
A CARAVAN safari in WA promises to be bloomin' spectacular.
Global Gypsies and RAC Travel have joined forces to offer a fun and educational tour of the state's wildflowers later this year. Owners of motorhomes and camper trailers are also invited to join the convoy led by award-winning tour guide and towing trainer Jeremy Perks. "Experienced caravanners will enjoy the camaraderie and having everything arranged in advance, while novice caravanners can welcome the opportunity to practice with their new caravan," he said.

Burdekin parks set for facelift
BURDEKIN Shire Council caravan parks in north Queensland are geting a facelift.
Mayor Bill Lowis said the council had budgeted $180,000 to be spent on the popular 69-site Burdekin Cascades Caravan Park in Ayr. "We will refurbish the existing cabins, upgrade some of the power heads and re-roof the ablutions block," he said. "The Home Hill Caravan Park still has $85,000 available from last year's Budget for the refurbishment of the ablutions block." Swimming pools next to both parks will also be refurbished. Have your say

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Letter man

No swift response from companies after gas cooker explosion risk

REGARDING the recent recall of Swift cookers in caravans which could pose the risk of a gas explosion.

There seems little response from companies involved in the rectification/advice of the matter.

Surely if the issue is installation of the product, the consumer isn't the party to bear the process/costs of the rectification.

There is an issue of the communication of the matter from the industry.

But more importantly, support for the safety of owners buying a product now known to be possibly installed below recommended standards.

LPG is tightly regulated ... and for good reason.

This issue is about responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure standards are met for the public's safety.

No information leads to much hearsay and half-truths.

We need to be informed and armed.

Currently, the industry response is quietly deafening.

Craig Humphrey.

Brand concern

FURTHER to the story you ran in last month's edition of Caravanning News (see here), last year we were at Mt Barnett camp ground in WA when a Lotus 'van exploded from a gas leak.

It ended up with damage similar to that described in your story.

Is this a concern for this brand perhaps?


Park impresses

I WOULD like to comment on Southern Cross Park leasing Horsham caravan park (see story here).

We stayed there twice this year and found the staff great. We loved it.

It was quiet with a lovely river running past.

Will stay again and have told all our friends.

Edward Fleming.

Well overdue

REGARDING your story on Southern Cross Parks leasing Horsham Caravan Park.

I think it is well overdue for the park, considering the weekly rate they charge there.

It has no grass at all ... just dirt and gravel.

But it does have the advantage of being walking distance to the town and is right beside the beautiful botanical gardens in Horsham.

Greta Brownhill.

Slow news day?

SO a newspaper columnist has fired a broadside at grey nomads (see story here).

I see everyone was sucked in by this blast from the Brisbane press that comes at regular intervals.

I thought people would have woken up to this regular ear-flapping.

It must have been a slow news day with nothing big happening to attack the Labor Party with.

Peter Davidson.

Monto applauded

I WOULD like to comment on the traders who have opened a low-cost camping area in the Queensland town of Monto (see story here).

It's wonderful news and about time.

It's great to see the people staying instead of driving on to the next town.

They are self-sufficient and only need a safe place to stay.

Monto has a lot to offer visitors. l say make them welcome ... it can only be good for the town.

Florence Ashmore.

Great little town

HOPING there are many travellers visiting this great little town.

Noel Thomas.