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January 2015

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JAN 26: Holidaymaker from caravan park in River Road, Sussex Inlet, NSW, taken to hospital after being attacked and sexually assaulted by two other men. Police looking for silver Audi hatchback.

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'Hotshots' with big payouts in the firing line

I WOULD like to comment on last month's story about the causes of caravan rollovers (see story here)

I think a lot of the problems are hotshots from offices and the like who get a big redundancy payout and buy a big caravan.

They have no experience in towing.

Take, for example, a case of buying a Mazda Bt50 with a towing capacity of 3.5 tons.

The all-up weight allowed by the manufacturer is 6.1 tons and you are legally allowed to drive this rig on a car licence.

This is totally ridiculous.

I have a licence to drive a B-double and road trains.

If you drive a truck over four tons all-up weight you must have a LR endorsement.

I think the government should look at a licence to tow anything over 750kg.

People need training to tow a caravan with a weight of up to 3.5 tons.

Mr Rivers may be right technically, but you still must have experience to tow these big rigs.

I have seen people come into caravan parks and not knowing how to reverse their rig onto a site.

This is so sad.

Many parks now offer to set up their caravans for them because they cannot do it themselves.

These are the same people trundling down the highway with six ton in their control.

Time to look at solutions not excuses as most states seem to be doing.

Peter Hansen.

'The problem is twofold'

I THINK that the problem is twofold.

First, I see that the centre of gravity is very high on modern off-road caravans.

Even though the current crop of 4WDs can tow 3.5 tons, when encountering bad conditions of wind or roads the caravan drives the car.

Secondly, many of the current crop of caravanners have never driven anything more complicated than a Holden Commodore etc.

They have no skills in handling a 4WD and large caravan.

Bob Buchanan.

no crisis

COLLYN writes that CIL Insurance alone reported it had 135 claims for rollovers but he fails to mention how many overall claims CIL processed for caravans in 2013.

I believe it was around the 11,000 mark.

You have to ask how many policies do CIL hold to be financially viable and how many of these caravans are on the road in any 12 month period.

The real percentage of rollovers in comparison to caravans on the road is way less than one percent.

Donít get me wrong ... one accident is one too many, but to make it sound like we have a crisis on the roads is so wrong.

What insurance companies have recorded as the cause verses what the police record as the cause can be way different.

Each accident should be reviewed before any assumptions are made that European caravans and rules are better than Australian ones.

The Taylor family.

Unexpected visits await rogue RVers

I WOULD like to comment on the new free camping facility at Ballarat (see story this edition and here)

As an owner of a fully self-contained motorhome, these facilities provide a welcome stopover point where all that is needed is a reasonably level patch of ground.

It is unfortunate that many travellers either do not, or do not want to, understand what the term self-contained means.

A recently-opened facility in Rockhampton is a good example of the problems caused by uncaring travellers who blatantly ignore the signage clearly stating that only self-contained RVs can stay there.

Fortunately the Rockhampton local law enforcement people are well aware of the abuse by uncaring travellers.

Many of them are in for an unexpected surprise visit at odd times by council officers.

One can only hope that caravan manufacturers will start to look at providing fully self-contained caravans.

Then and only then should caravans pull in and stay at these free facilities.

Ken Allen.

Fees getting too expensive

COMMENTING on Kui Parks launch, when are they coming to WA? (see story here)

Parks fees here are getting beyond what is reasonable.

Our cost to go to Esperance again this year has risen $6 daily over last year.

Being a retiree I don't need all the facilities that are included in all park fees.

I am quite willing to pay $30 a, night but no more.

Graham Burleigh.

Big deal

IT'S nothing more than some caravan parks giving 10 percent discount ... big deal.

It does not "fill the gap" at all.

They are still too expensive for those that spend a lot of time on the road.


Unhappy over 'slap on wrist'

A TRUCKIE is jailed after killing a grey nomad undertaking traffic control at roadworks (see story here).

Why would drivers take speed limits seriously when someone travelling 46kmh over the speed limit is given what amounts to a slap on the wrist.

The victims, including the woman's loved ones, will suffer forever.

Denise Russell.



Counterfeit $50 note

The counterfeit $50 note

New logo  Police checking guest list

Counterfeit cash at SA park

By Dennis Amor

POLICE have issued a warning after a bogus $50 note was passed at a South Australian caravan park. The counterfeit currency was discovered when the owners of the Coffin Bay Caravan Park near Port Lincoln were depositing takings at their local bank. "It had been used to pay for accommodation," park co-owner Sharon Bowey told Caravanning News. "A lot of $50 notes go over our counter but this is the first time this has happened. We only took over the park on December 10 ... and this is not the sort of welcome we expected." The counterfeit note is believed to have been passed between last Monday and Thursday. Police are now checking the names and addresses of recent guests at the 130-site park."The counterfeit note is of good quality but does not have a coat of arms hologram and the window is raised around the edge," a police spokesperson said. With the local Tunarama festival happening this weekend, police fear opportunistic criminals may pass counterfeit notes to unsuspecting business operators. "If questioning the authenticity, hold the note up to a light and ensure the coat of arms is present alongside the window," the spokesperson added.

Row rages over rest areas being turned into 'campsites'

NSW Roads Minister steps into fray

Caravans swamp Yelgun rest area's

Caravans swamp Yelgun rest area's
bays meant for trucks

By Dennis Amor
Have your say

TRUCKIES are on the warpath after accusing caravanners and other RVers of swamping truck rest areas and turning them into overnight campsites.

The NSW branch of Australian Trucking Association has now complained to Roads Minister Duncan Gay who has promised to take up their grievances.

He told Caravanning News: "Truckies donít have the luxury of being able to pull off a highway and set up camp, highway rest stops are often all they have."

The Minister has already directed the Roads and Maritime Services to look at how the problem can be addressed.

Morning ablutions for these travellers at Yelgun

Morning ablutions for these travellers in Yelgun's truck parking area

Weary truckies claim they are being squeezed out of rest areas and forced to drive longer than legally allowed by thoughtless overnighting RVers.

"The problem has been caused by the increasing number of caravans and motorhomes hitting the road these days," disgruntled truckie Archie Simpkins told Caravanning News when we visited the Yelgun rest area in NSW.

"Come afternoon, these penny-pinching travellers flood into rest areas, irrespective of whether they are for trucks or not, to save forking out on caravan park fees."

The issue was brought to a head when a truck driver discovered that most areas set aside for trucks at the rest area alongside the Pacific Highway in northern NSW were filled with caravans and motorhomes.

Others were packed to overflowing with campervans, mainly being driven by overseas tourists.

The facility was the first in Australia designed with separate marked-out areas for caravans, cars and trucks, including refrigerated and livestock trucks. More button

Stolen Galaxy caravan

Cheeky thieves strike at Mount Gambier

Police hunt caravan crooks

POLICE have appealed for help in tracing cheeky thieves who made off with a caravan from outside a South Australian house. The crooks hitched up the 17ft Galaxy which had been parked outside its owner's home in Crouch Street North, Mount Gambier, and drove away. Tyre marks suggest the Southern Cross poptop was towed south and probably onto the Jubilee Highway. The theft happened between 11.45am and 1.40pm on Wednesday this week. The caravan (pictured) has burgundy upholstery and a grey table inside. It carried the registration number YGM430. Anyone with information is asked to call Mount Gambier police on 08 8735 1020 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Have your say

Missing caravanner: Leisa Layne

Caravanner vanishes from Qld park

Missing woman found safe and well

By Dennis Amor

NEWSFLASH: Mrs Layne located safe and well at Murgon, two hours away from the caravan park. No further details available.

MYSTERY surrounds the disappearance of a 45-year-old woman from a caravan park in Queensland. Police have appealed for help in finding Leisa Layne who vanished from Atkinson Dam Caravan Park at Coominya in the State's south last Friday evening. A full-scale air, water and land search has failed to find any trace of the woman. Mrs Layne was last seen walking to the park's amenities block. With temperatures soaring to near record levels, police fear she could quickly become dehydrated and lapse into unconsciousness. "We have absolutely no leads," Inspector Keith McDonald, from Ipswich police, said. "She was walking through a caravan park and seen by a number of people and the next minute she's just disappeared, leaving everything behind." Mrs Layne is described as Caucasian, 170cm tall with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing black track pants and a shirt. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Have your say

Spicer caravan park

Elvis fans flood into town

Caravan park rocking the week away

New South Wales' Spicer Caravan Park rocked! The holiday destination at Parkes was jam-packed full for the town's recent 23rd anniversary of the Parkes Elvis Festival. An estimated 18,000 fans flocked into town for this year's event, which would have seen 'The King' celebrating his 80th birthday. "It sets the town alive and the whole place really rocks," the caravan park's co-manager, Ann-Marie Devlin, told Caravanning News. Have your say

Caravans and motorhomes lined up on Stockton's foreshore

Caravans and motorhomes lined up
on Stockton's foreshore

'They can't do what they like'

Festive RVers upset locals

By Dennis Amor
Have your say

TRAVELLERS who commandeered a NSW city's waterfront for a grandstand view of New Year's Eve fireworks have angered some locals. Dozens of festive revellers in caravans and motorhomes illegally set up camp on Newcastle's Stockton foreshore for up to a week before the spectacular display. Local resident Jacqueline Haines told Caravanning News that RVs were allowed to stay on New Year's Eve to enjoy the fireworks. "We have no problem with that, but numerous campers set up well before Christmas," she said. "There are no toilets or facilities so it's not very hygienic." Mrs Haines said caravanners and motorhomers were the main offenders, with 100 or more illegally camped on the entire peninsula. "They have very, very expensive set-ups and can definitely afford to book into a caravan park," she said. "They can't do what they like, there are still rules and regulations that they have to abide by. On this occasion, the council has been very slack dealing with the problem."

Jay MuscatPark owner comforts friend of shark-attack victim
THE owner of a West Australian caravan park has told how she comforted a teenager whose friend had just been mauled to death by a shark.
Matt Pullella managed to make it back to the beach after a 4.5m great white attacked his 17-year-old mate Jay Muscat (pictured) as they were spearfishing in the ocean off Cheyes Beach Caravan Park near Albany. The park's Joanne Marsh rushed to the beach with her sister, who is a nurse, but there was nothing they could do to help save Jay. They took the distressed Matt back to Mrs Marsh's home to await the arrival of his father. She later told media that Jay's friend had been extremely brave. In a Facebook tribute to Jay, Matt wrote: "Rest easy brother! Muddy at his finest! See you in the distant future." Jay's devastated family said fishing had been his passion and was always going to be a huge part of his life.  "We can take some comfort in knowing Jay passed doing something he loved," they said. Jay's funeral will be held at Ellen Cove, Middleton Beach, at 1.30pm on January 6. Have your say

Winnebago to launch Aussie operations
AMERICA'S Winnebago Industries will officially launch its Australian operations next month.
Winnebago Australia's chief executive Luke Trouchet and a representative from Winnebago USA will announce the first stage of a new dealer network. They will also unveil Winnebago Minnieô caravans, along with the 2015 range of Australian-built Winnebago Australia motorhomes. The event will be held at Melbourne Showgrounds on February 10. Winnebago Industries claims to be the largest RV company in the world. Have your say

Elite's Man CaveFor the elite ... the ultimate man cave
A VICTORIAN caravan builder has produced what it says is the ultimate bloke's toy ... a mobile 'Man Cave'.
The unique recreational vehicle from the Elite Caravans factory at Campbellfield is that one-upmanship any man would be proud to have. Elite owner Adrian Cappola said: "It will provide its owner with the ultimate bragging rights. There hasn't been a bloke ‒ or even woman for that matter ‒ step through the door and not be overly impressed with the luxury interior fit out and boys' toys inside." More button

Caravan info session a resounding success
A FREE Queensland Government-organised roadside information session for caravanners has been hailed a resounding success.
About 36 vehicles, including 18 towing caravans, turned up for the Saturday morning four-and-a-half hour event at the Transport and Main Roads inspection site on the Cunningham Hwy between Ipswich and Amberley. "It seems to have been a very valuable exercise," senior policy officer (Vehicle Standards) Peter Twining told Caravanning News. "From feedback, it looks like we will try to do it again next year." More logo

Show targets booming tourism trade
THE forthcoming Yarrawonga Caravan, Camping & Outdoor Living Show is levelled fair and squarely at the burgeoning local tourism trade, say the organisers.
Event director Scott Reinemann said statistics showed that over a million visitors flocked to the Sun Country on the Murray region, with over 50 percent opting for Yarrawonga/Mulwala. "This is the area's second biggest tourism phase with the Labour Day long weekend, plus we've been working closely with Noel Wright, executive officer at the Yarrawonga Mulwala Visitor Information Centre, so we're extremely confident of a large attendance," he said.

Caravan crashCrash investigator blames complacency
DRIVER complacency and inexperience are among the major causes of caravan crashes, according to caravanner and former police accident investigator Geoff Gauci.
As a Victorian police officer for 35 years, Mr Gauci delved into hundreds of road smashes involving recreational vehicles. The former sergeant told Caravanning News: "The major concern I found as an investigator was that caravanners want to get to their destination in the quickest possible time." He claimed that the older people got the more "blasť" they became. More button

Fire safety upgrade at Maldon
VICTORIA'S Mount Alexander Shire Council will spend $148,000 on improving fire safety standards at its 3-star Maldon Caravan Park.
New hose reels and hydrants will be installed and the water supply and meter relocated. Work will begin at the end of this month and is expected to be completed before Easter. "Council is currently seeking expressions of interest for the long-term lease of Maldon Caravan Park," Shire mayor Christine Henderson explained. "The upgrade will ensure the park meets mandatory registration requirements and also provide a new lessee with the confidence that it has the required equipment to reduce fire risk for the safety of its guests." Have your say

Police vehicle with Santos name

Keeping grey nomads safe

Cops head for caravan shows

POLICE vehicles blazoned with road safety messages will be a regular feature at Queensland's caravan shows this year. The slogans have been partly financed by mining giant Santos as part of the Stay on Track Outback campaign aimed at grey nomads travelling in the state's rugged outback. Police launched the programme in 2012 to address local road safety issues following a significant increase in heavy and four wheel drive vehicles sharing the roads with tourist caravans. Police said the two police utes and a campervan, which would bear the Santos name, were for educational purposes and would visit caravan and camping shows to educate travellers on road safety. They denied claims that the $40,000 Santos sponsorship created a conflict of interest. Santos said in a statement it was proud to support a program that "promotes safe driving and is saving lives in outback Australia". Have your say

State rally will adopt 'Nomads' theme
THIS year's state rally for New South Wales caravan clubs will celebrate the growing popularity of caravanning.
The NSW Association of Caravan Clubs gathering at Manilla Showground in March will adopt a "Nomads" theme, recognising the thousands of RVers who have adopted the nomadic lifestyle travelling around Australia. The three-day event will begin on March 20, with registrations closing on January 31. More than 60 caravanners have already registered. Tamworth Mayor Col Murray said the rally would be a great event offering economic benefits for local businesses. "Studies have shown that caravan and recreational vehicle travellers typically spend more than $100 a day in a community on site fees, fuel, groceries, dining out, tours and admission fees, vehicle maintenance and incidentals," he added. Have your say

Spirit of TasmaniaThat's the spirit ... more sailings planned
AUSTRALIA'S caravanning and camping industry has welcomed news of extra sailings and cheaper ferry fares to Tasmania.
And as an extra bonus for travellers heading to the Apple Isle, Spirit of Tasmania ferries will be refurbished. Operator TT-Line plans to add an additional 42 day sailings and reduce fares by 14.8 percent over the next four years. Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont said the announcements went a long way to addressing some of the barriers to holidaying in one of Australia's great caravanning and camping destinations. More button

Mayor opens Ballarat's free-camping facility
BALLARAT'S mayor has officially launched a 12-month trial allowing caravanners to overnight for free in the Victorian city.
"Ballarat is one of Australia's premier historical cities and now is more tourist friendly with freedom camping available at Pioneer Park," Cr John Philips told Caravanning News. More than 40 RVs were at the park in Wendouree on the city's outskirts for the ceremony. Local caravan park owners were against the trial, which will allow travellers in self-contained RVs to stay for two nights. The council has warned it will close the facility if overnighters misuse the area or if local caravan parks prove it is having a "damaging impact" on their businesses. The authority has also approved a year-long trial in which four caravan parks will be paid $10 every time non-guest travellers use their dump points. Have your say

Parks honoured at awards nights
AUSTRALIA'S state tourism bodies held their annual awards nights during the last month, honouring 15 caravan and holiday parks nationwide.
Caravanning and camping remains an incredibly popular pastime, with 85 percent of the Australian population having gone caravanning or camping at one point in their lifetime. Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont congratulated the winning parks, saying caravan holiday parks were consistently improving their standing and their range of services to Australians. More button

Officials at the Hunter Valley Way launch

Cessnock City Council general manager Stephen Glen, Hunter Valley Way coordinator Rod Doherty and Mayor Pynsent at the Hunter Valley Way launch in Kurri Kurri.

Hunter Valley welcome mat for caravanners

Smart way to sightsee

SMART caravanners will be turning to their mobile telephones to enjoy NSW's latest scenic drive. An interactive map designed to integrate with Google Maps on smartphones will help grey nomads and other travellers navigate the newly-opened and picturesque 180km Hunter Valley Way in real-time. "We are throwing down the welcome mat to caravanners," Mayor Bob Pynsent told Caravanning News. "We have probably ignored the grey nomads for ever in our local government area and this is an opportunity to capture some of their expenditure." Starting at the M1 at Freemans Waterhole in Lake Macquarie and ending at the Golden Highway in Merriwa, the innovative, web-based tourist drive winds through the small towns and villages of the Hunter. Caravanners and other RV tourist are well catered for along the route, with signs pointing them to caravan parks, RV dump stations and budget or free campsites. Have your say

Community fights to block park plan
RESIDENTS at Dawesville south of Perth are battling to block a proposed caravan park.
They claim there are many other suitable sites to build the tourist facility rather than on the southern estuary side of Dawesville Channel. A Tourism WA report maintains that more tourist holiday parks are needed to meet a growing demand. But one local told a recent public meeting it would be "environmentally unconscionable" to locate a new park on the reclaimed 7ha waterside site. Mandurah Ciy Council had signed a memorandum of understanding with Tourism WA to formulate a pre-feasibility and submit it to the council this month. Existing caravan parks in the area provide only 360 sites ... a 35 percent drop over the last five years. Have your say

McDonall Range holiday parkBIG4's magificent 7 beats tough opposition
SEVEN BIG4 holiday parks have taken out gold in their respective state or territory rounds of the 2014 Australian Tourism Awards.
Each year, the State Tourism Awards acknowledge the "best of the best", celebrating the tourism providers who have gone over and above in providing outstanding service and experiences. BIG4 chief executive Steven Wright said the results achieved by the parks was testament to their hardworking teams. More button

Funding needed for water project
A GROUP of townsfolk is hoping to raise enough funding to guarantee a constant water supply to its community caravan park.
Members say it would cost around $20,000 to collect water flowing from the local grain handling plant and pump it to the Cummins Caravan Park on South Australia's Lower Eyre Peninsula. Work would involve installing a solar pump and storage tank and laying about 700 metres of poly pipe. The caravan park, which offers basic unpowered sites from $10 a night, is managed by the Cummins and District Enterprise Committee. Have your say

Seven more parks join Kui
AUSTRALIA'S latest chain of budget caravan parks has signed up seven new members.
"We have had an amazing year with 27 caravan parks joining Kui Parks in just over five months," founder Bert van Spronsen said. "This has certainly been a vote of confidence in the vision we have for meeting needs of nomads and helping the independent parks to increase their exposure, occupancy and revenue." The chain is now represented in six regions, with one in WA, four in SA, 10 in Victoria, five in NSW, six in Queensland and one in Tasmania. Four more parks are expected to join this month. Kui Parks' goal is to reach 100 parks this year. Have your say

Pepsi commercial

Board decision on vilification claim

Campers' food-swap ad not sexist

By Dennis Amor
Have your say

AUSTRALIA'S Advertising Standards Board has rejected claims that Pepsi Max adverts portraying two groups of campers discriminates against women. The 30-second commercial on both free-to-air and pay TV shows girls on one side of a river and boys on the other using various ways of swapping food and drink. An angry viewer complained the advert discriminates and vilifies, alleging it is "insulting to women and unimaginative". The complainant told the board: "It's terribly sexist and implies that camping is not a good time for women on their own and camping will be much more fun if they get attention from men who are hooting at them and want to get into their tent." But Pepsico Australia Holdings refuted the claims. It told the advertising watchdog: "We do not believe the advertisement to be sexist and that the roles of guys and girls portrayed are balanced. There is no 'hooting' as claimed, rather friendly banter between a group of male and female friends and some celebrations when they successfully exchange food and drink." The board agreed, saying the commercial did not breach the Advertiser Code of Ethics. "The women are presented as empowered and in control of their situation and that the most likely interpretation is that the women want the Pepsi Max and are resourceful and prepared to do what it takes to get the men to share their Pepsi with them," it said. There was no suggestion that women could only enjoy camping if they could attract the attention of men, as had been suggested, the board added.

January top month for homeward-bound caravanners
MORE Australians return home from a caravanning and camping holiday in January than in any other month, according to government research.
Meanwhile, the number of visitor nights in the first quarter has increased by nearly 16 percent since 2011, with the longstanding tradition of caravan park family get-togethers proving more popular than ever. Many festive holidaymakers have used the same sites or cabins every year for generations of visits. The research shows that the largest group in the caravanning and camping sector is the 30 to 54-year-olds, making up 50 percent of the market. "Families make special use of caravan holiday parks over the summer holidays, and it builds on the legend of the great Aussie summer getaway," Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont said. Family Parks chairman Dennis Werthenbach believes summer holidays are "a fantastic time" for caravan holiday parks and guests. "Our park operators always enjoy the Christmas period Ė and the chance to get reacquainted with these extended families who return every year," he explained. Have your say

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Roadstar advertisement

 Keeping in touch headline

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LAST month's story in Caravanning News about the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia copping a caning from Western Australia's caravan industry brought an avalanche of letters. So many in fact that we have dedicated a whole page for just a selection of them. Click here to read.

Free camps
not a right ...
they are a bonus

JUST a comment about the letter regarding Nyngan and its decision on free camping (see letter here and story here).

If the only part of the CMCA RV Friendly charter they do not meet is providing a free camp leading to people branding the town RV Unfriendly then I am disappointed at the world.

If the town provides the other services then this is nothing short of blackmail by the CMCA, and should be recognised as such and condemned.

I am sorry, but self-funded or not, we all watch the money.

But to suggest people boycott a town because you can't stay for free is wrong, and belies comments from many free campers who claim they free camp for all sorts of reasons ... but not cost!

We all travel to a budget and consider the provision of a free camp by a town as a bonus, not a right wherever we go.

If we can't afford it, then we shouldn't go or should re-prioritise our spend.

I wonder if the correspondents' home town has a free camp available?

If not, perhaps they would be better pushing for them to become RV Friendly!

What's next: branding tour operators RV unfriendly if they don't provide free tours.

Maybe car companies are RV unfriendly because they don't give us all a free servicing , or Coles for not giving us free products.

Come on people, get real!

Ian Heath.

No-sign towns just
as accommodating

JUST because a town does not have a sign saying it has qualified for the CMCA Friendly town does not mean they aren't just as accommodating.

Of the CMCA criteria, the one that gets the most attention is free or low cost camping.

I commend CMCA on its work and subsidies for increasing the network of dump points around the country and for promoting the RV Friendly message.

But not being on their list does not mean other destinations are just as caravan or motorhome friendly, in particular in regard to low-cost camping options.

We are seeing some towns allowing short term free parking for fully self-contained only in parking areas to qualify for CMCA Friendly town status.

There may be as few as six or eight sites.

Parking may be as short as 24 hours only.

Other towns are being listed, using a caravan park or showground charging up to $20 for a powered site (quite a common fee for caravan parks in rural areas), with dump point and water outlet in the caravan park.

Towns that do not have this CMCA RVFT label can be overlooked.

There are many towns with community or local council-run free/donation/low cost camping or a caravan park which may have powered sites and hot showers without short-term stay restrictions that are not on the CMCA list.

Yet they are often offering more with these campgrounds and low cost caravan parks than the few self-contained places for 24 hours which meets the free/low cost requirement of CMCA RV Friendly status.

These are towns that go out of their way to accommodate us, and are towns I like to go out of my way to visit and promote.

Marie Billings has a letter in the December Caravanning News about Nyngan in New South Wales.

Since June, 2013, Nyngan has offered free camping at Flood Memorial Park where there are toilets, picnic tables and an area that would easily accommodate around eight rigs.

An additional area nearby is at Teamsterís Rest which would accommodate around three rigs overnight, although the main intention of Teamsters Rest is as a day parking area.

It has a dump point.

The two parking areas are in close proximity to each other, but separated by the railway line.


A new breed ...
not bludgers

WE are the average RV traveller and are fully self-contained and travelling on a budget.

Walpole got all our business because we could not stop overnight for a low or no cost.

The previous night we stayed just south of Norseman.

We have and will visit many CMCA Friendly towns and national parks and have not stayed in a commercial caravan park
for a year.

We are too big to fit into commercial parks.

But we have spent $35,000 dollars a year for five years while travelling.

We are a new breed of traveller. (baby boomers) ... not bludgers.

We spend at local businesses and need a choice of camping options so your town can benefit from our visit.

Tasmania had a similar issue and the councils rejected a proposal to force travellers into commercial parks.

The power of us connected travellers is grossly underestimated.

You are encouraging a drive-through instead a stop-and -look mentality.

Alan Dobbie.

Roads need prominent signs

FORTUNATELY, the huge hunt for a missing father and his young sons ended happily (see story here).

Yes, they were lucky.

We had a property near there and I know that country needs to be avoided in the wet.

There should be very prominent warning signs on the roads and in brochures and publications.

I have had a tractor stuck up to the sump plus a Land Rover and car.

A horse can also go down to its belly pretty fast if you are not careful.

John Stevens.