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June 2019


Tenterfield Lodge and Caravan Park

Focus on mature guests and grey nomads

We're not a childminding service, says park boss

By Dennis Amor
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THE owners of an award-winning NSW caravan park make no apology for preferring older guests.

"From the outset we saw the potential to build the park into a peaceful and quiet one focused on mature travellers and grey nomads," Barry O'Connor told Caravanning News.

And true to his word, he and wife Di do not offer a pool, jumping pillow, play equipment or rental bikes at their Tenterfield Lodge and Caravan Park, a member of the Kui Parks chain.

Bikes, scooters, skateboards and ball games are also banned from the pet-friendly holiday destination, which has just received its TripAdvisor Excellence Award for the fourth year running.

"We expect children to be accompanied and fully supervised at all times within all areas of the park," 62-year-old Mr O'Connor, an avid and enthusiastic caravanner for over 40 years, said.

"Those who choose to use the park as a childminding centre will be asked to leave and this is communicated to them as part of their booking and check-in procedure.

Positive feedback
from guests since policy introduced

"We do not ban children and do have families stay with us who are more focused on providing their children with the experiences offered by Tenterfield outside of the park, These people are welcomed."

Mr O'Connor said there had been "positive feedback" from guests since the policy was introduced.

"It had always been my life's dream and goal to own a caravan park, and I was able to realise this when my wife and I bought the Tenterfield Lodge and Caravan Park in October, 2015.

"Sadly it had been let run down by previous owners since the early 80s."

He said Income was predominately from fruit-pickers who conflicted with the requirements of mature travellers and grey nomads.

"We set about implementing the facilities and service that we look for when we go caravanning," Mr O'Connor explained.

"We removed the 10 run-down caravans which were used by pickers and installed additional drive-through sites."

The main building in the park is the Lodge, built in 1878 by convicts using bricks manufactured on site and now renovated back to its former glory.

"Whilst it serves as our home, we provide guests with a library which has a book exchange, television, DVDs, a place to stretch out with a glass and nibbles and an area where people can eat a meal they have prepared.

"We have been told by locals that they love what we have done to the park and have never seen it so full."

In addition to the TripAdvisor gongs, the park holds an Excellence in Accommodation Award for Tenterfield and was a finalist in the NSW Chamber of Commerce's Excellence in Business category for the New England region.


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