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July 2019


Educating residents on weights

RV village scales up
road safety initiative

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AN award-winning RV village in Queensland has weighed in with its own contribution towards making caravans and motorhomes safer on the road.

Fraser Coast's pioneering RV Homebase village is staging "education" days and inviting its mix of caravan and motorhome owners, grey nomads and friends to put their RVs on the scales.

Around 50 RVs were weighed during a recent two-day session, with one resident claiming many were overweight.

The checks were made in conjunction with a Queensland Transport compliance team to help educate residents about road safety.

RV Homebase senior client liaison and sales consultant Shaun Forbes told Caravanning News that weighing tow vehicles and caravans helped "educate our residents as to their individual vehicle setups".

"RV Homebase is running education days such as this is so our residents can be well informed and give them the best opportunity to be safe and legal on the roads while exploring this beautiful and unique country of ours," he said.

One education day involved HypoDrive, a national educational awareness program and road safety initiative aimed at providing road safety education for diabetics, and Roadcraft, a non-profit community-based organisation dedicated to reducing road trauma through driver training.

"This day was successful with over 80 residents attending," Mr Forbes said.

"From the feedback we received, everyone took something away with them to help them stay safe while traveling this great country of ours."

He thanked the Queensland Government for allowing the Queensland Transport compliance team to spend time and manpower helping educate residents on how to be safer on the road.

Recent reports claim that up to 70 percent of RVs on Australian roads are overweight.


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