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'There needs to be less pain in buying'

Ex-cop helps nomads find a home

By Dennis Amor

FORMER police officer Vicky Taylor is the face behind a new company which helps would-be grey nomads find their perfect mobile home.

Vicky, pictured left, took a break from her 19-year career to explore Australia's highways and byways with her family but couldn't believe the stress she experienced in finding the most suitable caravan.

"I found that there needed to be less pain in buying them," the mother of three told Caravanning News.

"And that's why my new company, Find My Van, came about. It is growing every day and I am very grateful to my clients for that. We’re different from a dealership because we don't hold any stock ourselves and we're not affiliated with any one manufacturer."

Her company was born after she and her family spent about four months on the road, keeping mostly to the coastline.

"It was during the trip that I realised I didn't want to go back and work for South Australia Police," she explained.

"I wanted the freedom to work from anywhere in Australia. It was also during this trip I jumped out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet and swam with whale sharks ... two huge firsts for me given I'm scared of heights and fish."

Vicky was a police officer at Dorset in the UK for nine and a half years before joining South Australia Police in 2012.

Last year, she booked some very much-needed long service leave and went on a big caravanning trip with her family.

"We went from SA to WA, the NT to Queensland and all the way back to SA," she explained.

The Find My Van website went live in January this year and enquiries started to rolling in.

"I located my first caravan in NSW for a SA client soon after and we celebrated our official company launch by hosting a silent caravan auction in March 2022," Vicky said.

She has a couple of behind-the-scenes helpers with searches and other administration and recently appointed her first caravan broker in SA, with the hope to have more based interstate down the track.

"The company is growing every day and I am very grateful to my clients for that," Vicky said.

"We are completely independent and take the hassle out of buying a caravan ... you no longer have to trudge around sales yards for hours on end."
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